February 19, 2018

Manfrotto 577 Video Adapter Plate (501PL) & Vello V-Rig Bracket Reviews

Manfrotto 577 Adapter (501PL) & Vello V-Rig Bracket Reviews

Manfrotto 577 Adapter (501PL) & Vello V-Rig Bracket Reviews

1. Manfrotto 577 rapid connect adapter with sliding mounting plate (501):

In this video the Manfrotto 577 Video Adapter Plate is reviewed highlighting two issues regarding the 577’s glitchy safety catch and dysfunctional lever.

2. Vello Tripple Shoe Bracket (V-Rig):

The Vello V-Rig Tripple Shoe Brackets is also discussed which comes in 4.1, 5 and 6.5 inch sizes.

The V-Rig provides three additional shoe mounts and is attached to a camera’s existing shoe mount.

The V-Rig has a 1/4″-20 mount as well at its base. It also has built-in backstops for secure mounting and is made of machined aluminum-alloy construction.

An issue I felt could be a problem with the V-Rig is the restricted use of the center shoe.

Because it is in the middle portion of the “Y” of the bracket, the space can tight when trying to fit a device on this middle shoe.

A Video Mic just fit when mounted on the middle shoe. In addition, after mouting a device on the middle shoe, this completely takes up the inside space a device can use when mounted on the lower outer shoe.

Another issue related to the middle shoe there is no sideways space inward from the lower outside shoe. This means only outward facing devices can be used.

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