February 19, 2018

ND Filters: Singh-RAY Vari-N-Duo vs Lee Big Stopper

I recently compared two popular ND filters which included the Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo (2-8 stop) and the Lee Big Stopper (10 stop) ND filter. The goal of comparing these two filters was to determine their ease of use and effectiveness when shooting in bright sun during the middle of the day.


The shoot took place at a small park with a pond shooting toward the sun at around 4 o’clock p.m. in the after noon. So we are not talking sunset here. Pretty much during the late afternoon while the sun is still shining brightly.

Both the Singh-Ray and the Lee filters performed adequately for the task resulting in similar image quality with the Lee filter having a slight blue cast easily fixable in post.

The Singh-Ray was not able to shoot as long as the Lee filter. But this was expected because of the 2 stop difference. This resulted in the Lee having a much longer shooting ability in bright sun for 25 seconds at ISO 50 and F22. The Singh-Ray only was able to allow a max time of 5 seconds.

Stay tuned for a video of the field comparison shoot for both of these filters.

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