February 19, 2018

Bridge Illumination Project – Started, notes


Historic bridge sits without lights at one side of the bridge. A piece of it was left for historic purposes.

This section, about a football field long, and about 30 feet wide, is unlit and only receives ambient light from parking lot lights and lights which shine down on it from the replacement bridge which towers above it nearby.

Goal is to illuminate the intricate steal structure of the bridge using various lighting techniques which yield a desired result. Currently experimenting with portable strobe flashes, and exposures which are below 30 seconds. Light painting is also being used at this time.

It is not sought to create a composite or HDR illustration. The final shot will be obtained in camera during a single exposure.

Project Log:


(10-28-2016 21:00)

Initial survey and test setups of portable flashes to light the bridge.

(10-31-2016 23:00)

Continued testing light exposure settings and effectiveness of using flash units to light bridge. Also improved ability to focus on structure (at pitch black from about 300 feet away) for final composition shot.

To be continued.

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