February 19, 2018

Gulf Oil Spill Solution Animation by MikesMultiMedia [05-29-2010]

Date: May 29, 2010 21:00 p.m.

To: Whom It May Concern
From: MikesMultiMedia.com
Re: Proposed Gulf Oil Spill
Containment Solution

Draft: 20100529_2100A

The previous top hat solution didn’t work
because of ice crystals forming inside the

The following is a simple solution to redirect
the oil from the ocean floor by essentially
building a box around the oil source.

The box’s four walls are lowered as one piece
down to the ocean floor and placed around
the oil source.

The top of the box, or roof is then lowered
onto the top of the box walls, and then is
attached using large nuts and bolts.

The top of the box is equiped with a relief port
for connecting a pipe or other attachment.

The pipe or other attachment is then lowered
and connected to the evacuation port.

The oil is then directed up to the surface of the
water and into an oil collection vessel.