February 19, 2018

Sony DSC HX5v Solo Video Test Part 8 Piedmont Park Toms Power Kite [1080P]

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This is the stand alone version of the above referenced clip, used in the Side by Side video comparison clips located in my channel.

Here, the clip is shown in its full frame, as apposed to side by side split screen for the comparison videos.

Settings on the camera were at full automatic, Intelligent Mode.

No post production was applied to the clip other than the titles and production information.

Bit rate calculations:

The 11.5 Bit rate was determined by MediaInfo bit rate calculation software on the source clips before rendering.

For information, Sony advertises the following information regarding recording formats for the HX5v.

•Movie Mode(s) :
1920 x 1080 (59.94i, Interlace) (Approx.17Mbps) /
1440 x 1080 (59.94i, Interlace) (Approx.9Mbps)

1440 x 1080 (29.97fps, Progressive) (Approx.12Mbps) /
1280×720 (29.97fps, Progressive) (Approx.6Mbps) /
VGA (640 x 480) (29.97fps, Progressive) (Approx.3Mbps)

[VID: V8_20100419_0100A_B1_1440x1080x11.5Mbps]